Thursday 20 January 2011

Step-down DC/DC converter: Say goodbye to 78xx linear stabilizers

 For last couple of months I've been playing with DC/DC converters. Mainly step-down converters. I really like them. I had a linear stabilizer in my circuit and the device's consumption was 1,2W. When I changed my design to use DC/DC step-down converter - the consumption was 400mW - 3 times lower! I'm actually designing small modules with usual MC34063 chips. In standard PDIP version and SMD. I've ordered them very cheaply on eBay from China instead of expensive order here in Czech Republic :)
Dave Jones on his videoblog have very nice lessons on how to start with DC/DC converters. Maybe it's time to give a peace and cool place for that old and heating 78xx linear stabilizers, what do you think? :)

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