Friday 28 January 2011

Freescale Race Challenge

I'm attending the Freescale Race Challenge this year. The goal is to create an autonomic driven slot car. You can use your hardware inside the car or use the PCB from Freescale and tune it to your needs. It contains Coldfire MCU, microSD card slot, driver for motor and accelerometer. This platform is new to me. But I would like to play with their architecture.

I add some sensors and buttons to the design and start developing. The school contest round is in March so there's not much time.

Here I found some english text about this contest.


  1. Hi! Very nice blog!
    Do you know how to download the executable file into the PCB?

  2. You probalby mean into the microcontroller. I use the bootloader which acts as USB Mass Storage Disk. So I connect board to the PC and copy the S19 binary.