Sunday 19 June 2011

Store and show your schematics online with CircuitBee

This service allows you to upload (for now only) KiCAD schematics file with libraries and embed them in your site/blog with zooming a panning. The creator of this web said that in the future we would create schematics in his online tool. That's what I'm waiting for years! I would like to have my electronics suite package in the cloud, always latest version and finally with all public libraries shared and instantaneously prepared for use.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

USB HID rotary encoder

I collected information and code of my older project. You can connect the rotary encoder to the USB and scroll with it in the menus. It's only a proof-of-concept. Take inspiration but don't take the exactly same code :)

Interesting PIC constructions by Nicholas Sirirak

but the information on that page is useful also for developers with another platforms. There's something about Xbees, 9bit UART, RTC clock DS1307, Light dimmer.. and a lot of other useful informations and projects.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

RIGOL and other things

Things are getting to move! I finished my Engineer degree, so now I hope in plenty of free time during holidays.

The RIGOL scope also arrived, so I hooked almost everything to it and studied all possible signals around me :)

Now I'm creating decoder of infrared protocol. I started this project because of need to turn on the HTPC with my infrared remote control. But after the basics I was thinking that maybe I can add support for another protocols, make the PC start impulse programmable, send infrared codes to the computer over UART, handle and program long button press, add support for different crystals and clock speeds.... :)