Tuesday 25 January 2011

LuminaryMicro Evalbot kit arrived!

I was surprised, when this package arrived. I didn't expected what it could be. When I opened it I was really happy. This Evalbot cost me only $25 instead of full price $150 :) So it took 3 months from order to delivery. I'll take a look on the kit later because of exams in school.

I already have one kit from LuminaryMicro - LM3S6965. But not on wheels :) This new kit has also USB on-the-go support  and small I2S audio codec. I was developing a MP3 internet radio player with older kit, but now it looks like all I need to do is wait until someone do MP3 player for me on this new kit :)

In few days I'll post how to configure arm-none-eabi compiler for this Evalbot and older LM3s6965 kit. I was using IAR compiler but I think that opensource GCC is better for opensource projects.

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