Wednesday 16 February 2011

Eridani developer board with LM3S3651 ARM Cortex-M3 chip

 I like to play with new Cortex M3 developer boards. I use one with LM3S6965 and another with LM3S9B92 which is called Evalbot. This board has also LuminaryMicro/Texas Instruments ARM Cortex M3 chip. The device have preprogrammed bootloader in flash. You don't have to use JTAG. The designer hesitated if he should use the Arduino pin layout - he didn't fortunately :)

Price: $43.00


  1. Hi Martin thanks for blogging about our board. You can't override the bootloader by accident with the bootloader itself. Only if you flash it from the base of Flash memory do you no longer have the bootloader.

  2. Oh, that's true. I did not realize that. Corrected