Sunday 27 February 2011

Destroyed Xbee & what's inside?

  I hate when that happens. 3 coincidence events that happened together and made small smoke inside the Xbee. Every time make sure that high voltage (~15V) wires on your breadboard are holding tight. If not, they can rip out, they can randomly move and they can itself connect to wrong hole on breadboard with 3.3V power rail.

  Well I cure my angry with even more destroying the Xbee. What's inside? Freescale.. Another hateful coincidence. I hate Freescale chips right now because I'm trying to get them work on Freescale Race Challenge, the slot car competition. They're ... just different.. just not-so-well documented..

  Iside the Xbee is MC13213 HS08 microcontroller with capabilities of ZigBee. 40MHz 8bit MCU with 60kB FLASH and 4kB RAM. The maximum power voltage is 3.4V and since I put 15V in this device, sleep well in the sillicon hea.. no.. HELL!

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