Monday 30 January 2012

microCmd/LM3S5632 boards assembled

 Just a little update on my play-board. The three pieces of board are manufactured, one soldered. Now I'm bringing device's peripherals to life. More pictures inside the post. Of course there are few mistakes from my side:

  • LCD connector is mirrored, but it could be fixed by using wires and rotating it by 90 degrees. I had to do some framebuffer and software rotating because there's not hardware support for drawing data upside down. But now I see that this layout of LCD is more suitable because the visible area of LCD is starting right of the top of the device.
  • Accelerometer's footprint has smaller pin pitch :( So no accelerometer on these boards :( The good news is that the soldering of this package it's not so hard as I thought. The only thing you have to do is prepare some sort of heat holes under the chip to the opposite side of the PCB.
  • Ordered 2,5V step-down DC/DC converter instead of 3.3 V, so I had to do some voltage divider circuit, but fixed :)
  • There's some Errata in the RTC of the LM3S5632 so I had to route wire from external crystal also to the RTC clock input, this could count seconds but I have no idea how precise this will be.
Ok, now view from the other side - what is working now in software & hardware?:
  •  LCD with frame buffer & Joystick
  • Deep Sleep mode - consumption it's not perfect but I can live with 4mA right now.
  • Access to SD card
Now I have to focus to tweak the hardware and low level software, the I create some nokia-like snake game, later IR remote control and some sort of USB device.
More pictures in the gallery

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