Sunday 17 April 2011

Driverlib for EvalBot !

TI did what they promised half a year ago. They published driver library specially for EvalBot. The sample which made me happy is the sound example - video inside. What the package contains?

Sorry for poor quality, my camera had dead batteries.

Driver directory  - libraries for playing WAV, Sound, Sensors (bumpers), motor, IO (leds, buttons), OLED, DAC.

Sound demo - 4 short sound samples are played through the internal speaker. The sound is not the best. I hear some noise during the playing but I hope that's because of not so quality samples.

Simple display - Example of the OLED library

qs-autonomous - Autonomous driving with rotating when EvalBot bumps to something

Motor demo - just rotating motors when the buttons are pressed

Chronos drive - something to do with SimpliciTI and chronos which I don't own.

I hope that somebody finally implements what I'm working on - ethernet radio with Helix software MP3 decoder. I have no time or the necessary skill to understand how to compile that. Now we have all on one board so please.. someone make the radio ;))

Download from here


  1. i have tried but it is not working.

  2. i am having ccs tools but when i add this library then this give me error and project not compiled...the error is the tool definations to make this project are not available